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We have lots of resources available and you are welcome to pop over to our office to borrow these – you can reserve them online beforehand. If there is a book that you looking for that we don’t have, please let us know. We would welcome suggestions!

100 instant children’s talks
50 ready-to-use assemblies for primary and secondary schools
52 Ideas for Junior Classroom Assemblies
A really great assembly - resource material for secondary assemblies
A-Z of assemblies 26 ready-to-use assemblies for 9-13 year olds
All in the family - service outlines for all-age worship
All-age lectionary homilies
Assembly Line - Teaching the Bible in Assemblies
Assembly Point - Resource Material for Secondary Assemblies
Christian Assemblies for Primary Schools
Collective Worship for Secondary Schools
Creative Assemblies - key stage 1 outlines of the life of Jesus
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